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Having trouble adding up those minutes and seconds from your songs?
Use this!
Song time::
Total time::
Please note the new Pricing structure!
CD Pricing Calculator
- fill in the number of minutes of music, and select any other options you want, then click the "Calculate" button.
Standard Noise Reduction .50/min. This reduces some of the clicks/pops and noise on your LP or tape.
Better Noise Reduction .65/min.:
formerly called "DART Pro 32 cleaning", recommended for noisier albums.
Here, I run DART Pro 32, or Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Technology on your music. (Depending on the type of music, I'll choose the program that works the best.) This is for those albums that have definitely seen better days. It will reduce those big "pops" significantly, and almost eliminate many of the clicks and other noises. I also do a quick visual scan of the wave file to "kill" any big pops the program may have missed. Please read what you get for Better Noise Reduction.
"The Works" Noise Reduction 1.50/min. 
Here I do my utmost to clean your music, including 
the use of DART Pro 32, DCART, and GoldWave 
to manually erase those persistant clicks.
"The Works" is where I not only run DART Pro 32, or DCART, but I then do a "critical listening" pass on your music, and try to manually clean up those things the programs couldn't. Please read what you get for "The Works" noise reduction.
Scanned Front Cover, $3.00 Glossy paper $0.25
Scanned Back Cover, $3.00 Glossy paper $0.25
If you want your CD to look like the album, there's no better way than to scan at least the front cover. Take a look at some of my sample covers.

I live in New York State (sales tax, sorry)
I live outside the Owego, NY area (approx. shipping)
I prefer to ship via Priority Mail. It seems to be the best combination of speed and price. (It costs around $4.15 to ship a well packed album and CD.) But I'll ship any way you prefer.

Length of music
(Rounded from "time adder" above.)
If you don't know how long your albums are, a good starting point is around 45 minutes. Some are shorter, some are longer, but for a quick pricing estimate, 45 minutes works well. You can fit up to 80 minutes of music onto a CD.

Your Cost (approx):
Remember, if a pressed CD is available, you can buy it cheaper than I can do it for you. But if it's not available CD Creations is your best choice!

Pricing Chart

(these are the numbers the calculator above uses.)

Want to know what a CD
will cost you?

Audio CD Data CD
Blank CD $1.00 $1.00
Music/Data $0.50/minute $0.05/meg
Music Cleaning:
Standard Noise reduction
Better Noise reduction
"The Works" noise reduction

Plain Cover included included
Cover (each)
$3.00 $3.00
Glossy Paper cover $0.25 $0.25
Tray cards (back) same as cover
Scanned Cover samples

Unsolicited Customer comments


The Time Machine works very well!

Listening to 50 year old records with no scratches is great!
I am buying on EBay sight unseen (or ear unheard) (LPs) so I have no control of the
quality, but you do!



... Long and short of it - LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE the CD's - I could
have cried for the sheer delight of hearing those songs again and I
play them often, often, often - I sent one set to my brother, gave one
to my mother and have the mono set and the other stereo set in my own


Hi David,

I got the CD's and my LP's today. I am very pleased - great job. The sound quality is great and
the covers look nice too. I have tried a couple of other places to see  which is best and David,
you are the best. Thank you very much. It is great to find a quality place  to have my LP's


thanx for my 4 CD's. they turned out fabulous. will tell all my friends.

Hi Dave !!!

Wow. I checked my mail box and there it was in the oversized package locker.
I listened to the CD -- I can't believe what a great recording this is !!!

When I listened to it, with a very old stylus, I thought that the CD would
be impossible -- boy was I wrong. It sounds fantastic !!!  Too bad these old
jazz LPs are not being put on CD. If I ever get some cash I want to buy some
older recordings from the 1930's on 78 RPM !!! If no one ever puts them on
CD these old recordings will be priceless in 100 years. I'll be dead by then
but at least if they are on CD I can listen to them.....

I'm cutting the check and poping it in the mail ....

thanks for doing such a great job with the labeling and so forth....
you really did a professional job !!!



Your package arrived today.  The CD's are fantastic!!!  I haven't heard the
Time to Run soundtrack in nearly 20 years.  I was absolutely floored!!!!
Thank you!!!!  Everything is fantastic from the sound to the CD covers.  I
had to double take when I saw the covers--they are incredible.  I will
definitely recommend you to everyone looking to archive their vinyl.
Absolutely the very BEST!!!  Completely professional!!!  I am putting the
check for payment in the mail today.

Thanks again,

these are great! you've done a marvelous job cleaning them up.
Thanks again. I feel as though I've passed a significant milestone in my
life it was such a long road to getting those things done.


Dave -

I received the CDs today. I have listened to selected tracks on all four.
They sound as good as I expected them to sound. Thanks. The finished product
is only as good as the source. The LPs are all old (Auntie Mame is from 1958).
The clarity is as good as it will get. I feel you reached a perfect balance between
preserving the musical sounds while eliminating surface noises. Now I can listen to them
in the car and at home without the turntable. These are some of my favorite LPs that
will never be put out on CD.

I will be mailing you a check tomorrow for the amount due. When I save up a few more dollars,
I will send you another group of LPs to do your magic!

Thanks again, Jack

CD Creations is owned and operated by David Dewey-Wright, in Owego, New York.  CD Creations specializes in archiving your precious vinyl recordings onto CD.

CD Creations can remove many of the clicks and pops from your old vinyl!  You can hear your music more like the way it used to be when you first bought it!  (Remember, a truly damaged track cannot be fully restored, but it can probably be made "better".)

Music Links

CD Creations knows you're looking for your favorite song, by your favorite artist. As such, I've compiled a list of places for you to search for that song, be it on CD or vinyl, old or new, common or rare. Some of these places will even continue your search if they don't have it in stock!

All Sales Are Vinyl
Virtual Vinyl
Hard to find CD's
Wonderyears Records
All Vinyl Records
Doo-Wop Shop
Rodeo Records
Voight's Vintage Vault
CD World
CD Now
CD Land

If you have a recording project in mind, contact

CD Creations by e-mail.

or by phone, at (607) 687-9058.

Want to know how to ship your album? I recommend two layers of heavy cardboard on both sides of the LP, with tape on three sides, to secure it. That can then go diagonally into a large "Priority Mail" box. Ask the postal clerk to tape ends shut. This has proven to be a sturdy and secure means of shipping. If you don't have any boxes around to cut up, the shipping places like, "Mail Boxes Etc." have boxes that are almost exactly the right size when left flat. Purchase two of these, one for each side. (I reuse packing materials whenever I can.) Then ship it to:

CD Creations
1266 Frank Hyde Road
Owego, NY 13827

Please send me an e-mail letting me know it's on its way so I can be looking for it to arrive.


Looking for that perfect Birthday or Anniversary gift? Give that special someone a gift you already know they love, put their favorite vinyl music onto a CD. Now they can play their music without worrying about new scratches, clicks or pops ! Don't know which album to start with? Get a gift certificate!

Got a bunch of favorite songs, but don't want the rest of the album? Make a compilation CD! Put just the best on your CD!

If you're a musician, or have a musician in the family, let CD Creations make a CD of your own "Greatest Hits". Keep it for yourself, or give it as a gift!

CD Creations can also help your business organize that pile of diskettes. You can fit over 400 diskettes onto one CD! Up to 650 Meg of data! Need to recover some hard-drive space, but need to preserve the data? Put it on a CD.

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